Walks And Talks

I’ve written before about my love for walking: walking together and walking alone.

One of the beautiful things about walking with other people is the opportunity for great conversations. (It depends on how well you know the person, so this may not matter, but I’ve found that walking beside someone is less awkward than sitting directly across from them for a coffee, beer or food!) It’s neutral territory and this can be helpful if the chats need to be deep, difficult and truthful.

Walking together is an opportunity to explore. To explore nature and explore ourselves and our friendships. I’ve had some of the best conversations walking with loved ones, friends and family.

Do you go for long walks with anyone?

Who do you enjoy walking and talking with?

Is there anyone you’ve always wanted to do it with?

(P.S. The Camino de Santiago is a brilliant opportunity for this! I’m still hoping to do another this summer as Portugal has just opened its border with Spain!)