Working In The Rain

One day last week, I was meant to be working with my Dad. We had a window and gutter cleaning job booked for the morning, but it had been raining non-stop for the last few days.

I woke up that morning expecting it to be still raining cats and dogs. And it was. I got dressed and ready for the day, only to find my Dad still in bed and his pyjamas, looking at the rainfall forecast.

After a leisurely breakfast and waiting for the rain to ease, we decided to go out. It was still raining. It was still raining when we set up, when we waited in the van and when we started work. 

It rained all morning and only stopped briefly at lunchtime.

Why do we go out?

Because we had to. 

Yes, there is some outdoor work that can’t be done in the pouring rain. But once we’d started, it wasn’t so bad. The work needed to be done. We had a contract and we were expected to be there.

If I only ever worked when I felt like it, there probably wouldn’t be many days when I’d get much work done!

We have to weigh up our emotions, motivations and obligations in our work.

If I never find joy in my work, I may need to stop and ask myself: “why am I doing this?”

(But I do enjoy window cleaning – it was most of the relaxed weekends I’d had all year!)

If I’m waiting to feel better before doing anything, waiting until “I feel like it”, I’ll keep procrastinating. Our brains prefer this, but then will reprimand us for not doing anything! 

I do the same with running, writing and working.

Does your work bring you joy?

Is it an obligation?

How do you balance the two?

(P.S. It’s still raining as I’m writing this blog post!)