Good Preparation

A couple of weeks ago, I had the first of my final university exams. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. 

Three years of studying. An unexpected year and a half of online university. Now, the time has come to make it count. It comes down to these nine exams I have left. 

And I feel, God willing, that I started off on the right foot. For regular readers of my blog, you’ll that I’ve struggled over this past year. But this is crunch time.

My first exam was Spanish interpreting. Given the structure of the exam, we received the scenario a week in advance. It was to be about Brexit (what else!?).

I spent the previous week working on this. Nothing else other than a little work on another Spanish oral exam. I was in the “Spanish mindset”. I’ve been preparing solely for this – vocabulary, reading, research, Spanish Netflix series to unwind, Spanish music, podcasts – the full monty!

I spent one day working with my Dad. I spent the day prior to the exam researching Brexit and walking in the afternoon. I spent the morning of the exam relaxing, doing my low-intensity Spanish “immersion” – making bread whilst listening to Spanish music, watching the news in Spanish, Youtube, vocabulary. I was prepared.

The exam was over before I knew it and I was so pleased. 

The preparation had paid off. I was understandably very nervous just before the exam, but I feel like I’ve managed my stress and anxiety well with good preparation this past week.

It’s clichéd, but good preparation pays off.

How do you prepare for your difficult work?

What strategies do you have?

How do you manage your performance anxiety?