Find What Works For You

A close friend recently asked me for some advice. I always struggle with this. I appreciate being asked and think it’s an important part of friendships and relationships.

However, I know I sometimes get carried away and want to tell others what to do. It’s a fine balance between Just Listening and talking too much! Often, people don’t want to be lectured, they want someone to hear them out.

I want to help others. But sometimes others simply come to us to bounce ideas or they want someone to rant to. This is equally okay and important. Often, we just want our ideas affirmed by someone else when we come to them for ‘advice’.

What works for me may not work for someone else. We all have unique perceptions and subjective experiences of the world. The narrative in my head is most likely different from the one in yours.

But after seeking advice and listening, we do have to act. We can gather as much information as we want. But sooner or later, we need to put it into action.

We need to find what works for us and do it.

Who do you ask for advice? Who asks you?

Do you advise others?

(P.S. Even if others find what I have to say useful, I do always say just take my advice with a pinch of salt!)