Walked All Over

Sometimes, we find ourselves being walked over by others – partners, friends, clients, work colleagues, bosses. This isn’t a pleasant experience, especially if it is by someone we care about.

How do we challenge this?

It might take a difficult conversation to address the issue(s). It might mean we have to face our fear of confrontation and stand up for ourselves. I know myself this is easier said than done.

But if we don’t stand up and speak out for ourselves, the experience will only keep happening again and again in the future.

It’s important to be patient, understanding and give others the benefit of the doubt. But everyone has their limits. And sooner or later, if you don’t stand up for yourself and set your boundaries, you may find yourself walked all over.

I like to hope it’s not done maliciously, but sometimes it is. Authority figures think they can get away with it. Only we have the power to stand up and challenge that.

Do you find yourself walked all over by others?

Have you ever experienced it?

If not, what did you do?