I think something many people have experienced with the transition to remote learning/working from home is fatigue. The fatigue that comes with being sat in the same position and staring at a screen all day.

This was a compulsory part of my university education for my final year, but I think I’ve made the mistake at times of spending too much time glued to my screen(s).

I’ve wanted to study. I’ve wanted to do language exchanges to improve my speaking skills after my Year Abroad was cancelled. I’ve wanted to do Zoom quizzes and video calls with friends.

But at times, I found myself doing these things back-to-back, multiple days during the week, and that’s not how I function. Or it’s not how I work well.

I’d consider myself more towards the introverted end of the continuum, and I need time to myself – time to relax, unwind, reflect and write. If I don’t do these things, I start to fall apart.

It’s been difficult because of the lack of physical and social contact with others. I’ve missed meeting friends in the pub, for coffee or for walks. I’ve missed visiting those friends who live further away and going to gigs with them. All that was impossible last year, and I’ve tried to substitute it for virtual socialising.

This is good, important and useful. But in no way it is a like-for-like swap. I think as human beings, we need to be physically present with others.

How have you found virtual socialising?

What have you missed the most over the past year in this respect? 

Who will you arrange to meet with as soon as you can safely?