Changing Up Our Routine

Sometimes, we need to change our routines.

It’s important to have structure and consistency in what we do. It helps us cultivate habits and keep ourselves accountable.

But sometimes, certain circumstances demand we change. We need to be flexible and able to adapt quickly. For someone who likes routine and structure, this is difficult for me.

Last week, for example, I needed to adapt my morning routine; one of my exams started at 9 AM and another at 2 PM. I’ve been starting my revision a little later and taking time for myself in the mornings. This had to change and I had to reshuffle my routine. 

But what’s important on these days is to not neglect our “normal”. I still need to make time for exercise and myself. And sometimes, when my days look different, I forget to do this and pay the price for it.

What does your morning routine look like?

How often do you have to adapt it?

For what exceptional circumstances?