Switch Off

Last weekend, in the middle of my exam period, I took a few days off. 

My Catalan speaking exam went well on Friday morning. I was pleased because I had put a lot of effort into the preparation. I was now a third of the way through my exams (still six to go!), but I thought I needed a short break.

I think this has been a shift in perspective because a few months ago, I would have thought I needed to put my foot down further on the accelerator at this moment, rather than putting the breaks on for a few days.

A few months ago, I started taking a weekend off from my uni studies, and it’s finally starting to pay dividends. It’s been an investment in myself and, now, at arguably the most stressful time of my degree, I feel more in control.

A crucial part of this weekend off was time away from my devices. I spend almost all day on my phone or laptop – studying, watching the news in my languages, watching Spanish/German/Catalan Netflix, listening to music or podcasts, writing blogs and poems. The list is endless. And my screen time would be, too, if I didn’t put strategies in place to control my time and my input.

Last weekend, I only used my laptop one evening for a film. But other than that, I sent few messages, didn’t look at email, checked my blog infrequently and had my phone on aeroplane mode for most of the weekend. I even left my phone at home when I was out for the day, and that’s pretty big for me!

When and how do you switch off?

What’s your screen time? 

Do you have strategies in place to limit this?