Caught In The Middle

Sometimes, we find ourselves caught in the middle of disagreements between friends. We’re asked or expected to take sides. We might find our friends come to us for advice or to rant about the other party.

What do we do?

A friend of mine has been experiencing this dilemma in their uni house. They’re friends with both disagreeing parties, but the two sides want to bring the others into the argument.

This type of situation can have a huge negative impact on the relationships and environment of those involved. It can happen between friends, at work, with colleagues, in families. The negative, tension-filled atmosphere is draining and highly strung. It’s not a healthy nor happy place to live and work for anyone.

But again, I wonder what can be done? Should we be passive or active in these situations? When should we be patient, detached or speak up and attempt to resolve issues?

How do you resolve these issues?

Is it our place to get involved?

Is it possible to be neutral?