Time To Think

I think we often need time to think. We need to give ourselves the space to let our minds wander.

For me, coming to the end of my university degree, I’ve time and space to decide what I want to do next and what I want my path ahead to look like.

Sometimes, when we’re in the hustle and bustle of work, life can pass us by if we don’t make time to stop, think and reflect on where we’ve come from and where we’re going/want to go.

I’ll admit that over the last few months, I’ve been very much in that “busy” mindset, with the sole focus of getting my final exams done and dusted the best I can. 

I put any thought or idea of my future in a metaphorical (but also, physical!) box for a later day. I’ve noted things down on my phone and post-it notes, all over the place, but have made myself wait until the exams were over until I pondered of any of it. 

I think I can get quite distracted and jump between projects, so focusing on just one thing – in this case, my final exams – has worked out well for me. I’ve tried my best with them, and that’s all I can do. Now, they’re in the (metaphorical) bin. I can’t influence them anymore until I get my results back.

So now I’ve got time to think. I’ve decided to take a week off from starting work on my next project, and even working with my Dad, to think and spend some quality time with my girlfriend and for myself.

As my Dad advised me, I need to let my mind wander into a creative space and allow ideas to come and go. I suspect I’ll need to treat myself to a new journal before long!

How do you make time to think?

If you do, when and where do you do it?

If not, why? Are you “too busy”?