Rude Customers

I don’t think there are many things that I allow myself to get more annoyed about than rude customers. I sometimes encounter them when working with my Dad. Thankfully for us, they’re few and far between, and when we do meet one, it usually results in a rant in the van, roaring laughter or a blog post!

I also have friends who work in the hospitality sector and unfortunately, they encounter rude customers daily. One told me a story recently about a ‘wonderful’ pair who came into the restaurant where they work. The customers ordered food, yet they failed to mention that they didn’t want peppers on the humous and roasted red pepper sandwich that they’d ordered. When the food was brought out to them, they didn’t even look up at the person serving them. Carrying on their conversation, they said in a loud voice as the server was leaving, “Oh, I guess you’ll have to pick out the peppers for me, then!”

When I’m out and about, I try not to be a rude customer. If there’s something wrong with my food, drink or service, I try to politely resolve the problem. It’s often the way we say things that matters the most.

What do you think?

Do you encounter rudeness in the work you do?

How do you deal with rude customers?