Active Listening

We’re told that ‘active listening‘ a skill we should cultivate for the workplace. 

But the ability to truly listen and be present with someone is a gift. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to hear. I want to become a better listener because I know I can get carried away talking and probably like the sound of my own voice too much!

When a friend truly listens to me, I feel able to be vulnerable. I know they care and want to listen, rather than simply waiting to give me advice or thinking about what to say next.

We know when someone is ‘actively’ listening to us: They empathise with us, respect us and want to hear what we have to say.

This kind of listening I’m talking about is when the listener, without saying a word, tells us: 

“I hear you. I see you. Please tell me more about that and help me to understand”

Are you a good listener?

Who truly listens to you?

 Do you feel heard by anyone?