People That Take

Unfortunately, some people are “Takers” and fail to give to those around them – materially, emotionally, in friendships and relationships. These people drain energy from the room, conversations and even out of others.

Some uni friends have experienced this with one of their housemates over the past year, and it has created a very unhealthy living environment.

This housemate is most likely struggling but has failed to reach out or seek help. Instead, they’ve started taking their hurting and suffering out on their friends. Simply transferring this negativity and pain onto others helps no one, especially their close friends. 

It doesn’t help the person suffering. And it doesn’t help their relationships with those around them.

What makes this situation all the more difficult is the fact this person acts very differently when the person they are in a relationship with comes over. It seems like a double life is being led to the housemates.

How do we help those people who do not want or ask for help?

How much can be put up with before speaking up?

Should we quietly bear the pain of others because it is their sole outlet?