“Do What You Love”

Last week, I listened to this podcast interviewing Gordon Smith-Durán. I’ve followed Gordon and Cynthia’s work at Lightspeed Spanish for many years now. It was my go-to resource for Beginner and Intermediate Spanish learning on Youtube, when I first started learning Spanish 9 years ago!

I found this interview with Gordon when I was looking for the Lightspeed Spanish podcast, and its title caught my eye immediately. As a language learner and someone who is pondering whether to go into teaching languages, I’m looking for advice and wisdom on what to do.

I won’t reveal too much from the podcast, but here are two takeaways that I’ve been reflecting on:

Firstly, it took the couple two years for the online language learning business to start taking off. Before that, they were consistently and generously putting out free content on Youtube.

Secondly, when talking about the success of their business, Gordon spoke about not having to think of a brand new idea. Rather, he suggested looking at what’s been done successfully and then putting your personal spin on an idea. For me, this was very interesting because sometimes I’m frozen trying to think of an original, unique business idea or way of teaching languages (are any of our ideas original?). A better idea would be to see what’s proven and go and make it mine and make it better.

If you get a chance, listen to the podcast and let me know what you think @ThisIsPhilsBlog or drop me a line at phils.blog21@gmail.com