Do you brainstorm often?

At the moment, now my uni degree is over, I’m thinking about my future.

I want to start my own business and have so many ideas bouncing around in my mind.

Something I’m trying to do is short and frequent brainstorming sessions. If they’re much longer than half an hour, my thinking becomes slow and confused, my mind foggy.

I’m finding these short and sweet bursts of brainstorming very fruitful. 

Here are a few questions I’m reflecting on in these sessions:

  • Has this idea got legs?
  • How much time does it need?
  • If I invest time/effort/money/resources into this idea, how long will it take to pay off?
  • Which ideas need putting on the back-burner?
  • Which idea is the priority?
  • What will your next project be?

These sessions are helping me form an action plan for the business I’m hoping to start very soon!

I hope you found this helpful!

Is there a project you need to brainstorm about right now?

What was the last thing you ‘brainstormed’ for?