Free Again

I’ve noticed that since many of the elderly people here in England have had both doses of their COVID-19 vaccinations, they seem to be very content with their newfound freedom.

It’s reminded me of how my Grandad was after some restrictions were lifted, and he said he felt like he’d been “released from prison”.

It’s a curious change in attitude. Just a few months ago, my Grandparents were very fearful, confused and cynical about the situation and the behaviour of other people, particularly young people.

Perhaps quite rightly, for a generation of people who are used to staying informed via the newspaper, radio and gossip, the 24hour cycle of constant “breaking news”, changes in restrictions/freedoms and daily press conferences has been confusing and attention-stealing. It may have been their only preoccupation without being able to get out and live their “normal lives”.

Yet now, I’ve noticed in my Grandparents, and other elderly people I’ve encountered while out working, that they don’t seem much bothered by masks, distancing and regulations anymore.

What do you think?

How has your attitude changed?

Has it changed at all?