Listening To Our Bodies II

I don’t like being unwell. I don’t want to stay in bed and do nothing. But seemingly, throughout my time in education, I’ve fallen ill at the end of term. 

It seems like my body puts up with the stress during term time. Then, as soon the school/sixth form/university terms finish, my body says, “that’s enough”, and I fall ill.

But whenever I’m unwell, I always want to rush back to “good health” as quickly as possible. This is understandable, as I want to live my “normal” daily life again.

Yet, if I try and “force myself” to get better and don’t give myself enough time to rest, I simply fall ill again. I’ll be exhausted, weary and burned-out. 

It’s ironic because I seem to fail at this every time. I know this is the pattern, yet I refuse to rest when I need to.

Do you suffer from burnout?

How do you rest?

How do you manage your health and workload?