Person Management

Someone I know works in a restaurant. Hearing stories about their workplace is a fascinating observation of how people work and interact with each other.

On the whole, their boss is good – they’re enthusiastic, encouraging and at first, created a positive working environment.

However, it could be said that they hide from their responsibilities as a leader when dealing with their employees. And at times, their communication is questionable.

I imagine they must be very busy running their business. But I also think that ignoring their employee’s messages and sending accusative texts isn’t a great practice. 

As I wrote last week, it’s so difficult to interpret what someone means over a message. But as a leader, you would think that the way they communicate is critical. It needs to be done consciously rather than rushed and shouldn’t cause unnecessary tension from misunderstandings. 

How do you communicate with your colleagues?

(P.S. I’m constantly trying to be more inclusive with my language, thus the title is “Person Management” rather than the more common collocation of “Man Management”. This could be a whole series of blog posts, but for now, if you notice any other errors in my language and inclusivity I would appreciate your comments and feedback @PhilsDailyBlog or via email!)