July Update

Hello, everyone! I hope this monthly update finds you well. Thank you to those who voted in the poll the other regarding the future of Phil’s Blog. If you haven’t had a chance to do yet, I would be very grateful if you spared me a couple of minutes out of your day to answer the two questions here. Thank you again to those who have already responded! And if none of this makes sense, you can read my blog update here for an explanation!

In the last month, I’ve received my exam results and final degree classification, which I’m very pleased about, so it seems that all the hard work paid off. 

Apart from that, I’ve been happily working with my Dad and trying to earn some money for the business I’m starting. (Do keep your eyes peeled for some exciting news on this front in due course, especially if you are a language learner or interested in learning English/Spanish/German/Catalan!)

I took a couple of weeks holiday with my girlfriend down in Norfolk, which was a beautiful retreat and gave me a chance to stop, reflect and think about what lies ahead for me. The opportunity to go ‘off-grid’ and spend time in nature was a welcome break and something I think I should make time to do every few months or so.

For now, I’ll keep this update short and sweet, as I bombarded you with too many words last month, and instead leave you with a few ‘Somethings’ for the month ahead. 

I hope you enjoy them and take care. 

Something to watch… How to Use Your Phone… So That It Doesn’t Use You by Tim Ferriss – I’m a big fan of Tim Ferriss’ work (as you can probably tell from the numerous podcasts I’ve mentioned in the blog!) However, as his podcast episodes are usually around the 90 minutes plus mark, I thought it would be useful to share this 5-minute video for those who want a taster of his work. I’ve been trying to implement these strategies for some time now and found this video very helpful;!

Something to read After Tokyo, we should bring the Olympic charade to an end by David Goldblatt – I think the Olympics can be a display of sport at its best. To see how it can bring nations together and see the potential of human beings striving to break records and boundaries. I’ve been waking up each day over the past week or so to check if anyone else from TeamGB has won another medal. Yet, this insightful opinion piece gave me a different perspective of the impact of the games. What do you think?

Something to listen to… A Nation of Clerks by Seth Godin – Seth’s podcast and blog are two of the things I listen to and read almost daily. He explains things eloquently, yet simply and always leaves me with something to ponder. I hope this short podcast episode gives you something to think about.

Rather than share a ‘Something to do’ and a ‘Something to ponder’ this month, I’ll share a couple of poems I wrote whilst away on holiday. I hope they give you something to think about and perhaps inspire you to write some!

The Power:


Oppressed, voiceless

Whispers in the darkness


Violence escalates

Becoming radical

Sound of Summer:

I hear the reeds rustle

Escaping the hustle

We seek a retreat on water

From the city’s bustle


Lying there all-day

Hiding in the shade

Tied to this tree

He will never escape

Even if they cut the rope

He’s grown used to his open-air prison

If you’ve enjoyed this update, please give me some feedback. What was your favourite ‘Something’? What would you like more or less of? Any other suggestions? Please let me know. Just send me a tweet to @PhilsDailyBlog and put #Julyupdate at the end so I can find it or drop me a line via email to phils.blog21@gmail.com 

Sending blessings for the month ahead,

Phil x