August Update

¡Hola a todxs!

Perdón for the lateness, but here is the August Update (just a fortnight late!)

I’ve been busy over the last month, setting up my online tutoring and language learning business. It is now live, but before I settle down and crack on with post-uni life in the real world, I’m going travelling to finally put my Spanish and Catalan language skills to good use!

I won’t reveal too much about where I’m going or what I’m doing, but if you follow my new business social media accounts (see below!), you’ll soon find out and be able to keep up to date!

I won’t waffle on too much here, as there’s plenty of ‘Somethings’ below to get stuck into, so for now, I will say thank you again for your patience and I hope you enjoy the update!

Something to WatchBen Howard: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert – Back in March, I recommended Ben Howard’s latest album Collections From The Whiteout as ‘Something to Listen to’. Recently, he recorded a couple of those songs for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert’s from home, as well as a new version of an old classic and a brand new song. I thought this was a wonderful example of his ability to reinvent his music in a more intimate setting.

Something to Read15 Amazing Reasons to Start Learning a Foreign Language Right Now – There are hundreds of articles explaining why learning a language is so important (and I’m obviously very biased!) But these 15 rather succinct points might make you reconsider, especially if you’ve always thought you were ‘too busy’ to learn a foreign language or that English is the only language we need!

Something to Listen toAnja Winter on How Engaging Language Content Keeps you Coming Back – I’ve followed Anya’s work for a number of years now and found it one of the best resources around for learning German. She is a fantastic, enthusiastic teacher and has inspired me to learn German and want to teach it myself. I listened to this podcast recently, and it was fascinating to hear about her own language learning journey and how she has become one of the most successful online languages teachers on Youtube! It’s just over half an hour long and well worth your time!

Something to Do… Consider studying a language! And if you want to, and that language is English, Spanish, German or Catalan, I’d like to invite you to check out the business that I’ve just launched. As I said earlier, it’s still early days right now and I’m going travelling very soon, but this will provide me with some much needed rest, reflection time and opportunities for language learning content! I hope you’ll check it out and if you do, thank you in advance and I hope you it gets you thinking!

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And if you have any questions or are curious about learning a language, please feel free to drop me an email:

Something to ponder… Have you ever considered learning a foreign language before? If so, why? If not, why? Where in your day could you make 5-15 minutes to start learning a language? (We all have some ‘empty’ time each day that we usually fill scrolling through social media)

And… as a little extra this month, I’ll leave you with a couple of ‘Friday Poems’ I’ve wrote in foreign languages. See if you can translate them!

la Fiesta

Hay que disfrutar

Hasta que se acabe

Nuestra vida juntos


Es ist so viel passiert

Direkt vor uns

Das wir es nicht verstehen

el Retiro

Una sortida


Lejos de aquí

Ya hemos escapado

De todo el ruido

Tu i Jo  

La ùnica cosa

Que espero jo

És que tot ens anirà bé

Al final de la nostra ventura


Jeden Tag

Ist eine Gelegenheit

Neu anzufangen


Ich falle

in deinen Armen

jedes Mal

Wenn ich stolpere

If you’ve enjoyed this update, please give me some feedback. What was your favourite ‘Something’? What would you like more or less of? Any other suggestions? Please let me know. Just send me a tweet to @PhilsDailyBlog and put #Augustupdate at the end so I can find it or drop me a line via email to 

Sending blessings for the month ahead,

Phil x