Hi, I’m Phil Etchells. I’m a student and I like to learn.

I also like to write, so I’m starting to blog daily to clarify my thoughts and put them down in writing. They will be ideas and observations from what I’ve been up to throughout the day. Hopefully, with a story where I’ve learnt something. Every day is a school day, after all.

I like to travel, take photos, listen to music, read, play sports and all manner of things which will feed into this blog. I’ve not decided which direction to go with the blog yet, so if you want to hear more of a certain topic, please do drop me a line via email at:


Hopefully, will be longer articles and some short stories on the way too.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts.

P.S. Disclaimer:  Sometimes I write about mental health and other challenging topics. I’m not a therapist and don’t try to play one on the internet. These blog posts are simply my thoughts and for informational purposes only. Nothing is intended to be medical or professional advice, in any way. Please reach out to those around you and get help if you need it.

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