Keeping Busy

I previously wrote about how Western culture associates busyness with importance. Yet, this was not a criticism of hard work. Many people have to work hard out of fear; to provide for their families and put food on the table. We live in an economic system where many families live paycheque to paycheque. But just as we [...]

“Being Busy Being Important”

We live in a (Western) culture that values being busy and ‘busyness’.  When people ask us how we are, we want to answer: “keeping busy”. We associate being busy with importance. If we’re not seen to be busy, we’re either lazy or unimportant. Being busy being (self-)important Being busy is something we strive for. We [...]


The word ‘vanity’ comes from the Latin word vanagloria, where vanus means ‘empty’ and gloria denotes reputation. It could be translated as ‘empty reputation’.  We live in a culture that worships the celebrity and where many strive or desire to be famous. Yet, despite some people obtaining fame for certain achievements, it seems that many [...]

Consuming Happiness

In our culture, Happiness has been consumerised. Like almost everything, it has become a product. Despite the improved quality of life in much of the developed world, many people are remain unhappy. The consumer culture tells us that we should always want more stuff. We're told (or sold?) that the money that we earn needs [...]