Once we start appreciating what we have in life, we stop noticing what we lack. It's a daily effort to Practice Gratitude and start living out of a mentality of abundance, but it is one way I have found that helps me focus on my “Haves” rather than my “Have-Nots”. For we will always lack [...]

Different Ways Of Giving

We all give to others in different ways: emotionally, our time, our hospitality, financially, etc. The way we give ourselves is unique. We all have our limits and shouldn’t compare how much we give with others. Depending on circumstance, people may be able to give more or less than us and that’s okay. In comparing [...]

Give And Take

We can’t always have our own way. That’s a fact of life and sometimes it's hard to swallow. Especially, when the dominant culture teaches us that we should do everything to benefit ourselves and to pursue our own individual happiness. But nearly always, if we are to live in harmony with those around us, we’ll [...]