Changing Up Our Routine

Sometimes, we need to change our routines. It's important to have structure and consistency in what we do. It helps us cultivate habits and keep ourselves accountable. But sometimes, certain circumstances demand we change. We need to be flexible and able to adapt quickly. For someone who likes routine and structure, this is difficult for [...]

Embracing Lockdowns

Over the past year, many countries have gone into obligatory lockdowns. These times have been strange, novel experiences. I’ve personally found it difficult adapting to living and working under these conditions. I was talking with a friend the other day and we spoke about how it almost feels ‘normal’ not seeing many people around. It's [...]

Don’t Work More, Don’t work Less, Work Differently

In this time of great upheaval and change, the way we go about our work has had to be re-evaluated. We can no longer just carry on the way we did before in many areas of our lives. We can fall into the trap of thinking that because our normal way of working has changed [...]