The Price Is Right?

Last week, my Dad and I were working, and we were asked to clean some extra plastic on a customer's conservatory roof. I can’t remember the name of the fancy shapes on the roof, but they were curving and twisting pieces of plastic, put on for (supposedly) aesthetic effect, and they were covered in green [...]

Duty Of Care

Last Thursday, I was supposed to have a call from my therapist. They had discharged me a few weeks ago because they thought they couldn't help me any more. From being "the client with the worst scores" on the Anxiety and Depression scales (their words) two weeks before, I was suddenly discharged, after a couple [...]


I’ve been reflecting recently on whether we should do things out of obligation or because we ‘feel’ like doing them. I think it certainly depends on your occupation. I wouldn’t want my dentist to not show up if I needed a tooth pulling out just because they didn’t ‘feel’ like doing it. The are professionals. [...]