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Last week, I attended a video conference with a Valencian musician called Xavi Sarrià. He recently recorded the soundtrack for a film about the murder of a pro-Catalan Independence and anti-fascist boy in the 1990s. His family and friends have been fighting for nearly 30 years to have his story told and it was fascinating [...]

Good Homework

Last weekend, I watched the Catalan film Incerta Glòria as ‘homewok’ for my uni module.  I say ‘homework’ because it was such an enriching piece of work. I learnt more about the Catalan experience during the Spanish Civil War, as well as practising the language. In my opinion, this is the best sort of homework. [...]

Dying Traditions

I’ve recently been studying about the Catalan tradition of ‘La Castanyada’, which roughly translates as the ‘Chestnut Party’. I remember experiencing the festivities when I stayed with some Catalan friends a few years ago. What surprised me about La Castanyada was how hard the Catalan people are trying to preserve their tradition. It is very [...]