Running Together

I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about running over the past month. Over the past few weeks, my girlfriend and I have been trying to increase the distance we run every week, setting goals to motivate us.  The other week, when we were on our target 10km run, we found ourselves struggling with about a quarter [...]

Embracing Lockdowns

Over the past year, many countries have gone into obligatory lockdowns. These times have been strange, novel experiences. I’ve personally found it difficult adapting to living and working under these conditions. I was talking with a friend the other day and we spoke about how it almost feels ‘normal’ not seeing many people around. It's [...]

‘Social’ Work

I imagine those of us who are more social or work in jobs where we’re constantly surrounded by people are finding it very difficult right now. Perhaps for many people, the move from the office to the home, despite its initial difficulties, has been easier. Maybe this is the future of a lot of work [...]