Treating Ourselves

“Sometimes we just need a bit of retail therapy” Since Christmas, I’ve been thinking about gifts, presents and what I need. We can’t expect what we buy to solve our problems. The dopamine kick of shopping is short-lived. Yet, the culture tells us we should continuously seek it to help ourselves and make ourselves ‘feel [...]

A Greedy Culture

We don't often think of ourselves as greedy. We point the finger at the 'rich': sports stars, politicians and business people whose corporations dominate our lives. “They should do more to help” “They’ve got the resources” “They don’t pay their taxes and have probably got money in off-shore bank accounts” All these suspicions may well [...]

Consuming Happiness

In our culture, Happiness has been consumerised. Like almost everything, it has become a product. Despite the improved quality of life in much of the developed world, many people are remain unhappy. The consumer culture tells us that we should always want more stuff. We're told (or sold?) that the money that we earn needs [...]

Recognising Another’s Dignity

I went for a socially distant walk with a friend recently and they brought their dog. Something that really struck me was the way they talked about their dog. It was the way someone would speak about their own child. I’ve never had a pet, so I don’t fully understand the relationship owners often have [...]