Walked All Over

Sometimes, we find ourselves being walked over by others - partners, friends, clients, work colleagues, bosses. This isn't a pleasant experience, especially if it is by someone we care about. How do we challenge this? It might take a difficult conversation to address the issue(s). It might mean we have to face our fear of [...]

Making The Same Mistakes

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who told me about a situation they're experiencing. Midway through the conversation, it dawned on me that they were telling me about something that has happened before. They've made me the same mistake more than once before. Clearly, something needs addressing, but this often requires difficult conversations [...]

Walks And Talks

I’ve written before about my love for walking: walking together and walking alone. One of the beautiful things about walking with other people is the opportunity for great conversations. (It depends on how well you know the person, so this may not matter, but I’ve found that walking beside someone is less awkward than sitting [...]

“Compassionate Anger”

During the UCU strikes a couple of weeks ago, I went to a “Teach-Out” (one of the ad-hoc talks that were put on by our striking lecturers) and it was in collaboration with the Stand Up To Racism uni society. A young, black first year student stood up and spoke about his experiences. I was [...]