Clown Faces and Chocolate Moulds

Last weekend, I was clearing out some old schoolwork and found some of the "creative" pieces of work that we'd done at school. I say "we" because both of my siblings went to the same school, and we all did the same projects, despite there being five years between us. In Design and Technology, it [...]

Podcast University

Sometimes, I think I’ve learnt more over the past few years by listening to podcasts and reading than in my university lectures and seminars. It’s quite sad, given the thousands of pounds (plus interest) I’ve racked up in debt from the last three years studying in higher education. But my criticism of the university system [...]


From the first few weeks of online uni, something has reminded me of what was already going on in the classrooms, seminars and lecture theatres.  In online Zoom meetings, the Breakout Rooms feature can be used to stimulate discussion and share ideas in smaller groups. Then, when everyone returns to the “main room”, these ideas [...]

Good Homework

Last weekend, I watched the Catalan film Incerta Glòria as ‘homewok’ for my uni module.  I say ‘homework’ because it was such an enriching piece of work. I learnt more about the Catalan experience during the Spanish Civil War, as well as practising the language. In my opinion, this is the best sort of homework. [...]

You Don’t Know What I Know

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that others don’t know what we do. The narrative in their head probably tells them something else. We don’t see what they see. They experience the world differently. Yet, we often think everyone has the same information we do. Not everyones is informed. We’re all informed about different things. That’s [...]