Active Listening

We're told that 'active listening' a skill we should cultivate for the workplace.  But the ability to truly listen and be present with someone is a gift. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to hear. I want to become a better listener because I know I can get carried away talking and probably [...]

No Longer Working

At regular intervals in our lives, we need to have the humility to acknowledge the things that are no longer working. These are sometimes hard to see and may take someone else, speaking with love, empathy and kindness to point them out to us. Habits, strategies, work, friendships and relationships work for a while. They [...]

Shaming Others

Everyone has had a different experience of this virus. Some people might've had their travel plans affected. Some people might've had their wedding postponed. Some people might've lost their livelihoods. Some people might've lost a family member. I've seen some people shaming others for being cautious and concerned about catching Covid-19. We shouldn't put pressure [...]

Big Arguments

Do arguments ever need to be big? What if we could learn to communicate better and improve our nonviolent communication? This takes humility and empathy. It requires an ability to listen to others’ subjective experience and acknowledge that we’re not the only ones who are "right". Arguments are hard because our Lizard Brain goes into [...]

“I Understand”

A phrase I’ve been trying to avoid saying for a while now is: “I understand” In reality, we probobly don’t really understand what the other person is going though. Their narrative, emotions and thoughts means they may experience something in a completely different way to us. Often, telling someone who is suffering that we “understand” [...]