Recently, I've been reflecting on my obsession with perfection. My rational mind knows it's unattainable, yet my irrational self-beliefs are not accepting it at the moment. What's concerning is that my incessant strive for unattainable perfection is freezing me. It's stopping me from wanting to do anything at all.  I am stuck and it's draining [...]

“Leave It ‘Till Tomorrow”

I often worry about the things I feel need to be done ‘today’ or even everyday. It’s important that we have routine and cultivate habits, but I fall into the trap of over-planning my days. I set my expectations too high and I feel like I’ve ‘had a bad day’ if I’ve not achieved all [...]

Interpreting Situations Differently

Two of my friends recently had a falling out over something. On hearing both their perspectives, it seems that there was a misunderstanding. One friend believed they’d done nothing wrong. My other friend was very angry because the other had not done enough. Here we have two different perspectives on the same situation, but it [...]