The Gift of Presence

I've written about this before, but I sometimes struggle to be present with others. I always look back on these days and kick myself for missing Quality Time because I've been distracted, stressed or "elsewhere" in my thoughts. It was a close friend's birthday recently, and I tried hard to make the day memorable. I [...]

Treating Ourselves

“Sometimes we just need a bit of retail therapy” Since Christmas, I’ve been thinking about gifts, presents and what I need. We can’t expect what we buy to solve our problems. The dopamine kick of shopping is short-lived. Yet, the culture tells us we should continuously seek it to help ourselves and make ourselves ‘feel [...]

Different Ways Of Giving

We all give to others in different ways: emotionally, our time, our hospitality, financially, etc. The way we give ourselves is unique. We all have our limits and shouldn’t compare how much we give with others. Depending on circumstance, people may be able to give more or less than us and that’s okay. In comparing [...]