Joy Comes In The Morning

Without Good Friday, there can be no Easter Sunday. No empty tomb, no Resurrection, no Risen Christ. We can see this message play out in our own lives if we recognise it. Without darkness, suffering, pain, confusion, wilderness, exile, there can be no joy. The Christian joy is that we know the end of the [...]

Nothing To Say

Sometimes, I worry I’ve got nothing of value to write and say in this blog. The fear of sufficiency freezes me and I sit staring at my laptop. A voice inside tells me: “You’ve already written that blog post. No one will want to read that.” Yet nowadays, with social media, everyone has a microphone. [...]


A word that we seem to be hearing a lot at the moment. It can be negative: fear, panic, anxiety, worry, hopelessness. We can spread these by our words and actions. When just one person is stressed, they can be helped, supported, comforted by the others. It’s unlikely that a single concern will spread through [...]