Communicate Better, Communicate More

If others don't know, there's no way they can help. I cannot expect people to help me if I refuse to let them in and let them see my struggles. I don't have to share everything. But I need to show my brokenness and need for others and help. To be vulnerable is hard. The [...]

Please and Thank You

I’ve recently been watching the travel programme Race Across The World, and as a language learner, it’s interesting to see how people communicate without knowing another foreign language. It’s humbling because you don’t really need to know much to communicate. I do think it helps! I believe it’s important to make an effort to speak to locals in [...]

No Longer Working

At regular intervals in our lives, we need to have the humility to acknowledge the things that are no longer working. These are sometimes hard to see and may take someone else, speaking with love, empathy and kindness to point them out to us. Habits, strategies, work, friendships and relationships work for a while. They [...]

Big Arguments

Do arguments ever need to be big? What if we could learn to communicate better and improve our nonviolent communication? This takes humility and empathy. It requires an ability to listen to others’ subjective experience and acknowledge that we’re not the only ones who are "right". Arguments are hard because our Lizard Brain goes into [...]

Necessary Humiliations II

Recently, I discovered this art project  called "Yolocaust". It shames the behaviour of disrespectful visitors at the Holocaust memorial site in Berlin - the Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe.  It made me think about my own experiences visiting both this memorial and Auschwitz a few years ago. For me, discovering this art project [...]