Person Management

Someone I know works in a restaurant. Hearing stories about their workplace is a fascinating observation of how people work and interact with each other. On the whole, their boss is good - they're enthusiastic, encouraging and at first, created a positive working environment. However, it could be said that they hide from their responsibilities [...]

The Metaphors We Use

In my writing and day-to-day conversations, I’m trying to be more conscious of the language I use. For example, a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog post called ‘Frozen’. I decided to change the original title ‘Paralysed’ because I thought it was quite ignorant. I first remember having a similar conversation with my [...]

Inclusive/Exclusive Conversations

I went to church last Sunday and remember thinking about how exclusive the sermon was.  In my opinion, the priest at the Catholic Church in Newcastle is thankfully quite progressive, and the words weren't his own this week. It was a letter from a man higher up in the hierarchy. The letter was about “priests” [...]