Artificial Grass

When I’ve been walking around the estate recently, I’ve noticed that artificial grass seems to be a lot more common on people’s front lawns. It got me thinking about why we choose to have it and why we like to have pristine front gardens (here in middle-class, British suburbs anyway!) Is it a statement?  ‘I [...]


When watching the football last weekend, I was reminded of something that I’ve thought about for a while. ‘Diving’ or simulation is still a widespread issue in football. It’s not gamesmanship. For me, it’s a deliberate act of cheating. Yet, the referees and officials could stamp it out of the game if they wanted to. [...]

Taking The Blame

Prior to Christmas, I was online shopping and probably like many people, was left left frustrated by delays, lost orders or missed deliveries. I wrote before about this in Keeping Promises, but what frustrated me about the customer service was that neither the business or the courier wanted to take responsibility for what had happened. [...]