Holding Tension

Something I’ve been trying to work on in my meditation practice is holding the tension of uncomfortable thoughts and emotions. Over the past few months of difficulties with my mental health, I’ve perhaps run from difficult situations and emotions. Rather than try to confront them in my fragile state, it was better to run from [...]

Take A Moment II

How many times a day do you stop and notice your breath? I can't say it's something I do very often, but it's a habit I'm trying to cultivate. I used to meditate quite a lot a few years ago. I hope this doesn't sound too clichéd, but I was travelling in Spain and a [...]


Metta is a term that comes from an ancient Indian language called Pali. It can be translated as "benevolence", "friendship", but is more commonly known as "loving kindness".  Here is a definition of the Buddhist practise: Metta means to care and wish well for another being without judging them, to accept them independently of agreeing [...]