Escape To The Countryside

Over the last few months, in an attempt to train for another Camino de Santiago in the summer (we can hope!), I’ve been going for long walks on weekends. I’ve found this times a very fruitful way to clear my head, especially when I’ve felt trapped inside during lockdown. It’s strange because I never used to be [...]

Zen Mode

I’ve found it difficult to ‘switch-off’ over the last year or so of compulsory lockdowns. I’m spending almost all day on my phone or laptop and I don’t think it’s the healthiest way to live. Our responses to notifications have become Pavlovian. (Even as I wrote this blog post, I heard a ping and went [...]

Demanding Our Time

We need to set boundaries for how we spend our time. With the constant pressure to be ‘active’ and ‘online’, we can feel like we must immediately respond to incoming notifications - requests, tweets, videos, emails, messages and calls. We don’t want to miss out and risk falling behind. Our devices have become part of [...]

Right Decision, Wrong Time?

We need to be in the right headspace when making decisions. I don’t say this in a glib way. The matter of being in the “right state of mind” is highly debatable and differs depending on the person. But one thing is for sure: we can’t make good, rational decisions when we’re emotionally overwhelmed and [...]


Metta is a term that comes from an ancient Indian language called Pali. It can be translated as "benevolence", "friendship", but is more commonly known as "loving kindness".  Here is a definition of the Buddhist practise: Metta means to care and wish well for another being without judging them, to accept them independently of agreeing [...]

Messy Rooms

I get stressed when I come home to messy bedroom. There’s evidence to suggest it can even impact the quality of our sleep. A messy room can be symptomatic of other issues, but I think it can be a helpful metaphor for the rest of our lives too. If we can’t keep the space we [...]