Find What Works For You

A close friend recently asked me for some advice. I always struggle with this. I appreciate being asked and think it’s an important part of friendships and relationships. However, I know I sometimes get carried away and want to tell others what to do. It’s a fine balance between Just Listening and talking too much! [...]

You Don’t Know What I Know

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that others don’t know what we do. The narrative in their head probably tells them something else. We don’t see what they see. They experience the world differently. Yet, we often think everyone has the same information we do. Not everyones is informed. We’re all informed about different things. That’s [...]


"Comparison is the thief of joy" - Theodore Roosevelt Comparisons are based on our assumptions of someone else’s circumstances. In reality, their circumstances may be entirely different. Life might look great to the outsider, but the narrative inside someone's head may be very different. Or, our asssumptions may be right. Things are going well for [...]