Once we start appreciating what we have in life, we stop noticing what we lack. It's a daily effort to Practice Gratitude and start living out of a mentality of abundance, but it is one way I have found that helps me focus on my “Haves” rather than my “Have-Nots”. For we will always lack [...]

Please and Thank You

I’ve recently been watching the travel programme Race Across The World, and as a language learner, it’s interesting to see how people communicate without knowing another foreign language. It’s humbling because you don’t really need to know much to communicate. I do think it helps! I believe it’s important to make an effort to speak to locals in [...]

Enjoy It While You Can

Life’s moments of joy and despair have a lot to teach us. I like to think of life as a mountain range. It goes up and down, with mountain-top moments of pure joy, as well as deep valleys of loss and pain. When things are going well for us, it’s easy to think that on [...]