Communicate Better, Communicate More

If others don't know, there's no way they can help. I cannot expect people to help me if I refuse to let them in and let them see my struggles. I don't have to share everything. But I need to show my brokenness and need for others and help. To be vulnerable is hard. The [...]

I Wish It Could Be Valentine’s Day Everyday…

I live in a Western, Anglo-American culture that feels pressured to buy flowers, chocolates, and heart-shaped balloons every year for our loved ones. Don’t get me wrong, it’s kind to buy gifts for those we care about. But we can’t buy love, presence and affection. Often, it’s the thought that’s the most important thing.  The [...]

Social Networks

We live in a culture that's more connected than ever, yet we’re also lonelier than ever before. We’re all ‘online’ but not present. We’re 'active’ but not engaged. We send and accept friend requests or followers, but we fear genuine encounter. Our real social networks are the people in our lives who deeply care about [...]

No Longer Working

At regular intervals in our lives, we need to have the humility to acknowledge the things that are no longer working. These are sometimes hard to see and may take someone else, speaking with love, empathy and kindness to point them out to us. Habits, strategies, work, friendships and relationships work for a while. They [...]