Taking The Blame

Prior to Christmas, I was online shopping and probably like many people, was left left frustrated by delays, lost orders or missed deliveries. I wrote before about this in Keeping Promises, but what frustrated me about the customer service was that neither the business or the courier wanted to take responsibility for what had happened. [...]


I’ve been reflecting recently on whether we should do things out of obligation or because we ‘feel’ like doing them. I think it certainly depends on your occupation. I wouldn’t want my dentist to not show up if I needed a tooth pulling out just because they didn’t ‘feel’ like doing it. The are professionals. [...]


From the first few weeks of online uni, something has reminded me of what was already going on in the classrooms, seminars and lecture theatres.  In online Zoom meetings, the Breakout Rooms feature can be used to stimulate discussion and share ideas in smaller groups. Then, when everyone returns to the “main room”, these ideas [...]