Switch Off

Last weekend, in the middle of my exam period, I took a few days off.  My Catalan speaking exam went well on Friday morning. I was pleased because I had put a lot of effort into the preparation. I was now a third of the way through my exams (still six to go!), but I [...]

Stop And Feast!

Sundays are for rest. Or at least, I think they should be. In other faith traditions, the day of rest is another day - Friday or Saturday - but the importance of the Sabbath should not be underestimated. Nowadays, we live in a secular society. I respect other people's beliefs. But in a Western culture that worships [...]


Like generators, if we’re constantly working non-stop, it won’t be long before we’re burnt out and broken. We need time to rest and recharge to work efficiently. It’s easy to forget this and think we’re machines because of the demands to always be ‘productive’. Perhaps we also need to make time to simply be ‘idle’ [...]