Person Management

Someone I know works in a restaurant. Hearing stories about their workplace is a fascinating observation of how people work and interact with each other. On the whole, their boss is good - they're enthusiastic, encouraging and at first, created a positive working environment. However, it could be said that they hide from their responsibilities [...]

Nothing To Say

Sometimes, I worry I’ve got nothing of value to write and say in this blog. The fear of sufficiency freezes me and I sit staring at my laptop. A voice inside tells me: “You’ve already written that blog post. No one will want to read that.” Yet nowadays, with social media, everyone has a microphone. [...]

You Don’t Know What I Know

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that others don’t know what we do. The narrative in their head probably tells them something else. We don’t see what they see. They experience the world differently. Yet, we often think everyone has the same information we do. Not everyones is informed. We’re all informed about different things. That’s [...]

Cooks And Chefs

Cooks get the job done. They follow the recipe. The end result? Hopefully a good meal, as expected. Compliance. Mass production. Quantity over quality. Chefs create and innovate. They may have a recipe, but will add their personality to it. They want to do things differently. They are always looking for inspiration and ways to [...]

Walking Books

I’ve been reading The Librarian of Auschwitz and seem to be taking a lot of inspiration from the book. Antonio Iturbe has written some wonderful lines (that have been beautifully translated by Lilit Zekulin Thwaites) and here is another nugget of wisdom from the book. The protagonist, Dita Klaus, asks one of the teachers of [...]