A Responsibility To Find Joy

I’ve been reflecting on the words “happiness” and “joy” recently and wondering if there is a difference between the two. For me, happiness is the fleeting feeling we have when something is pleasurable. It comes and goes, and is depending on the an exterior, passing moment. Whereas joy is something deeper. It can be cultivated [...]

“Emotional Bank Accounts”

I don’t think it’s always helpful to look at the world in a transactional way because it ignores the role of transformation. But for the post today, I think in the the idea of “Emotional Bank Accounts”, it is a useful metaphor for relationships. It comes from Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits for Highly Effective [...]


Emotional pain needs to be acknowledged. Sometimes it may not always be obvious what that pain is, but sooner or later it will show itself: physically, mentally, or in our relationships with others. We can live in denial, but that will just perpetuate the hurt and eventually it will come out in a way we [...]