Duty Of Care

Last Thursday, I was supposed to have a call from my therapist. They had discharged me a few weeks ago because they thought they couldn't help me any more. From being "the client with the worst scores" on the Anxiety and Depression scales (their words) two weeks before, I was suddenly discharged, after a couple [...]

Taking The Blame

Prior to Christmas, I was online shopping and probably like many people, was left left frustrated by delays, lost orders or missed deliveries. I wrote before about this in Keeping Promises, but what frustrated me about the customer service was that neither the business or the courier wanted to take responsibility for what had happened. [...]

Keeping Promises

I’ve recently been ordering some Christmas presents for my loved ones online, trying my best to avoid the Amazon monopoly. One thing that has struck me is how inundated online shops and courier services are with orders. Huge delays are to be expected for Christmas deliveries. This is understandable given the pandemic and the huge [...]